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We have had some magazine binders made up, A5 size; each will take 12 magazines.  Can be used for "Biggles Flies Again" or any others you like because they do not have a title on them.  There is a Spitfire on the front cover and a Sopwith Camel on the spine.

Magazines are held in place by strong, stretchy cords called Cordex.  They can be removed or rearranged without damaging the magazine.

These binders sold well at Twyford and will be available at Derby through Jennifer of Bransdown Books.  Price is £7 each or 3 for £20.

I don't know whether to order more, depends on how many more are sold.

You can see them around the country at the book fairs that Jennifer attends.  If you would like to see them, please let Jennifer know and she can take some with her to your nearest book fair.  Contact Jennifer first to ensure which of the book fairs she will attend.  You can see a list of the PBFA fairs here.

It is possible to post them to you.  You would need to let me know how many you wanted and I would check with the Post Office to see how much they would cost. 

It is difficult to reproduce the exact colour.  They are actually a slightly lighter blue than this picture looks.






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