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The next meetings will be on 13th April 2024 and 12th October 2024

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Report on the Biggles Get Together – Queensland, Australia

On Saturday 22nd February, 2014, the first local Biggles’ Enthusiasts meeting was held at the Redcliffe Aero Club. The Club very kindly offered us the use of their facilities at no charge, and on the day provided us with the use of an air-conditioned meeting room – all of which was greatly appreciated.
Our first Biggles Down Under Meeting had both an international and an interstate flavour with Forum members attending from far and wide. FairBlue – flew out from the UK; Tiffinata – flew up from Melbourne for the weekend (1,800km south of Brisbane); AussieAviatrix (and “Mr” AA) travelled down from country Queensland; Sizzling Sausages drove up from the New England Tableland area of New South Wales (a good day’s drive south of Brisbane) whilst MuswellHillbilly, OzBiggles1963 and I (RAAF Spitfire Girl) came from various parts of the Greater Brisbane Area. Mr RAAFSG, whose connections with the Aero Club made the use of the venue possible, also came along. We did have one other enquiry in response to an advertisement I’d placed in Gumtree, a free on-line Australian web-site, but unfortunately his work commitments changed at the last minute and he was unable to attend.

Planning for this momentous event had commenced during the latter part of last year, with OzB and myself meeting together to plan a suggested programme for the day. So, with great gusto, we produced the following agenda:

¬ Welcome and Introductory Talk – OzBiggles
¬ Intro session on "What Started You on Biggles?" – Everyone
¬ Trivia competition – OzBiggles
¬ Brief talk on "How Biggles Influenced my Life" – RAAFSG
¬ Demonstration on usage of WWII Aviation Navigational Computer – Mr RAAFSG
(demonstrating the Navigational Computer his father used when serving on Beauforts and Catalinas during WWII)
¬ Show & Tell – Everyone
¬ 3.00pm A/Tea

A great time was had by all as we shared our mutual obsession with all things Biggles & Co. The Trivia Competition was excellent and a lot of fun and was won by the inimitable FairBlue. We were all keen to see the varied and interesting Biggles’ memorabilia, articles, games etc that various members brought along for our “Show & Tell” session which was highlighted by some great info sharing by OzBiggles, Sizzling Sausages and Muswell Hillbilly. We are all keen to organize another Biggles’ meeting.

Many thanks to everyone who came and for the great contribution made by all.


Report on Twyford 2013


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